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Tips for Improving Security During Commercial Construction

During a commercial construction project, the site and its contents can be vulnerable to security flaws. Equipment, supplies, and raw materials can present a tempting target to thieves and vandals, while lax security measures could allow tools and other valuable items to “walk off” the site. Effective commercial construction security measures are necessary to prevent these problems.

The Importance of Commercial Construction Security

Commercial construction sites are often open areas with very little physical security. In many cases, construction sites are left unattended at night and during weekends, with no security personnel on the premises. If theft or vandalism occurs, it can significantly affect the project in ways such as:

  • Increasing project costs: Lost or damaged equipment and supplies must be replaced, which means an additional unexpected cost that was not accounted for in the budget. Large losses can completely eliminate a builder’s profit margin or cause a net loss if the builder is held responsible for the theft or damage.
  • Causing delays: If an important piece of equipment or vital supplies are missing, the project may have to be put on hold until replacements are acquired. This can, at the least, interfere with daily production schedules, and at the worst can delay the project by days or weeks. Delays increase costs and reduce profitability.
  • Angering owners, managers, and financiers: Increased costs, delays, and other problems caused by poor commercial construction security can bring the wrath of property owners, upper management, and financing institutions. This could result in lost employment opportunities or even complete dismissal of a contractor from a project. Those responsible for the security issues could find their reputations damaged, making it more difficult to get more business in the future.

Maintaining Commercial Construction Security

The wisest move for any construction company is to take all necessary steps to provide adequate commercial construction security. This may increase costs somewhat, especially if it involves extra personnel or increased physical security measures, but the benefits will be appreciable. Some of the more effective ways to increase commercial construction security include:

  • Establish and periodically review a security plan: Devise procedures for security on the site. Make sure that all employees know what the plan contains and what is expected of them when it comes to site security. Review the plan periodically and make changes where necessary. Provide occasional security plan refresher training for employees.
  • Increase lighting on site: Additional lighting will reduce the number of dark spots where thieves and vandals can operate without being seen. Light the perimeter of the site as well as the interior areas of the site itself. If neighbors complain about light pollution, assure them that the additional lighting will be temporary.
  • Increase perimeter security: If you have not put up a fence around the construction site, put one in place as soon as possible. Make sure it is a sturdy barrier that is difficult to break through. Solid board fences or strong chain-link fences are good options. Install enough doors and gates, which should also be strongly secured, for access by personnel and equipment.
  • Lock and secure: Make sure smaller equipment, tools, and other valuable objects are locked up in a secure area when they are not in use. Establish procedures for tracking these objects and monitoring who is responsible for them when they are not secured. Make sure vehicles are locked and that keys are also kept in a secure location. Ensure particularly tempting targets, such as copper, are given extra security precautions.
  • Hire security personnel: Hire additional employees or outside security agencies to patrol the site during non-work periods. If necessary, ensure a security guard is on-site at all hours of the day.

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