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Time for a New Furnace? Before You Commit, Read These 3 Points

With regular maintenance, you can keep your furnace running for 20 years or longer. Towards the end of its life, you may find that it’s in constant need of repairs or not operating as efficiently as it once did. Here are three things to consider whether it’s best to repair your current heating system or to replace it.


For maximum efficiency, your heating system should be sized properly to your home. Don’t assume your current heating system was properly sized — the builder may not have calculated the sizing properly or may not have made the most efficient choice. Home improvements such as added insulation, energy efficiency upgrades, and added rooms also need to be considered. Have your HVAC contractor assess your home to find the size that will best meet your home’s unique needs.

Efficiency and payback.

A good part of the repair or replace decision is simple math. By comparing the efficiency of your old furnace against a new model, you can easily see how much your energy bills will decrease when you install a new model. You can subtract that from the replacement cost along with expected repairs to see if you’ll come out ahead.

Fuel sources.

The most common options for furnace fuel are oil, natural gas, and wood pellets. You probably never had a chance to choose which one to use because your furnace was likely already installed when you bought your home. Instead of simply getting a new heating system that uses the same fuel source, make sure to compare fuel costs to see which fuel type has been the cheapest in your market over the past few years — there’s a good chance the answer will be different than it was 20 years ago. If you need help deciding whether to install a new heating system, contact Sobieski Services.

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