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Tighter Ductwork Will Help You Hold Your Energy Costs Down

One part of your HVAC system that is rarely seen is the ductwork. The ducts play a vital role in delivering conditioned air throughout your home, and then carrying air back to the furnace or A/C to be conditioned again. This is why any leaks or other problems in your ducts can have profound effects on the efficiency of your forced-air heating and cooling system.

Common Duct Problems

By far the most common problem when it comes to your ducts and vents is leaking. Connections often become loose over time, and this creates gaps between sections that allow air to escape, while also allowing dirty air to enter the ducts from unconditioned areas. Other duct problems that include various types of damage, blockages and corrosion, but for the most part you should focus on sealing and insulating your ducts.

How to Find Potential Problems

It’s difficult to find problems in your ducts by yourself. You can try inspecting any exposed areas of ductwork for issues, typically in the attic or basement, but for a comprehensive duct inspection, you’ll want to work with a trusted HVAC professional. You can look for any streams of air emanating from the ducts, typically at the joints, as well as any significant temperature differences between rooms in your home that would indicate leaks.

How to Fix Problems

Some homeowners attempt to fix leaks with standard duct tape, but this is an ineffective and temporary solution. High-quality metal tape and mastic sealant are available for sealing duct leaks. Any HVAC professional will have a variety of tools to fix your specific issue. He can also recommend where and how to insulate ducts, especially runs that travel through unconditioned parts of your home. Replacing your duct system can be quite difficult and expensive, so it makes sense to repair leaky or otherwise malfunctioning ducts whenever possible. However, there are some situations where ducts may be badly corroded or installed poorly and need to be replaced.

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