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Things to Keep in Mind for Furnace Installation

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Replacing your existing furnace with a new one is one of the more complex improvements you’ll undertake, since there’s little simple about a furnace installation. The equipment you choose and the installation process itself will have a lasting effect on your comfort and energy bills for years.

Decisions to Make

Choosing the size of your new furnace is the most critical decision you and the contractor make. It should be based on a detailed analysis using Manual J software that includes energy efficiency, cubic footage, layout, and your temperature preferences. The sizing process will reveal where you could improve your home’s energy efficiency, reducing the size of the system you need. You’ll avoid improperly sizing it, which lowers comfort, increases energy bills, and may shorten its lifetime.

Winters in this region can be cold and sometimes long. While a more efficient furnace costs more upfront, it will pay for itself in lower heating bills. Look for its AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating. The minimum stands at 80, which means that 80 percent of the fuel it uses goes directly toward heating your home.

AFUE ratings go as high as 99. Such a system uses 19 percent less fuel than an 80 AFUE system and cuts energy costs quickly. New technologies for furnaces have improved their efficiency and ability to deliver comfort. It’s worth the time to learn what’s available before making the final furnace installation decisions.

Preparing Your Home

It’s a good idea to remove any furniture or rugs that could be in the way of the installation team before they arrive. If they have to access the attic for the ductwork, remove anything that could block them. The contractor should give you an estimate of how long the installation will take so you can schedule your activities accordingly.

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