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Things to Keep in Mind for Commercial Furnace Installation

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When you invest in a new furnace for your commercial building, you should make sure that the equipment is exactly what you need to heat your building properly. It’s also important to ensure that the new heating system is installed properly so that it will work at its best and with the greatest possible safety. Here are some tips to consider before furnace installation that will make the process smooth and successful.

  • Do your research — Before purchasing or installing a new furnace for your commercial building, research the market for the type of furnace that will most effectively meet your needs. Changing your mind after furnace installation can be an expensive proposition, or could leave you with a furnace that you aren’t really satisfied with. Consult with your HVAC professional for advice. For example, in most cases, it’s better to purchase a name-brand furnace with a proven track record and good warranty.
  • Make sure the furnace you get is properly sized — The furnace you choose needs to be properly sized to have the functional capacity to heat your commercial building properly. Too small and the furnace won’t be able to produce enough heat. It will waste energy and money trying to make up for the shortfall and will wear out faster than a properly-sized model. Too large and it will waste energy and money producing more heat than needed. Have your HVAC pro conduct a load calculation on your building before furnace installation. This will tell you exactly what size furnace is required to meet your heating needs.
  • Consider furnace efficiency — At the same time, also consider the efficiency of the furnace you choose. High-efficiency models use much less energy to produce heat and are therefore less expensive to run. Look for models with high AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) numbers of 90 or more. High-efficiency furnaces cost more initially, but they can slash your monthly heating costs by a significant percentage.
  • Tend to safety issues: Remember that fuel-burning furnaces produce dangerous gases as a side effect of fuel combustion. The most common of these gases is carbon monoxide. During furnace installation, make sure that proper ventilation is maintained to divert these gases to the outdoors. A carbon monoxide leak can be potentially deadly, so extra attention to this aspect of furnace installation is vital.
  • Have a pro do the installation: Furnace installation can be a complex process, especially when it concerns a furnace that is intended to serve the heating needs of a commercial building. Hire a professional HVAC technician to install your furnace. It can be tempting to have someone who is not an HVAC pro install the furnace if it will save money, but the potential risks are too great to leave furnace installation to anyone but an expert. Professional installation means the furnace will be installed to operate properly, at its most efficient, and at its greatest level of safety. Plus, if there is a problem with the installation, you have more recourse for corrections if you’ve used a licensed and qualified installer.
  • Make it as easy as possible for your installer — Putting in a furnace can be physically demanding work, with potential dangers in the immediate environment. When it’s time for furnace installation, do everything possible to make things easier for the installer. Clean up the area and remove any obstacles that could get in the way. Remove any hazards such as chemicals or sharp tools. Clear the route that the installer will take to get the furnace into your building and to the spot where it will be installed.

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