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These are Signs of a Potential Drainage Problem

While drainage problems have some symptoms that can be detected without much difficulty, others aren’t as easy for the untrained eye to spot. Due to the massive damage they can cause, it’s best to look for and take care of the warning signs before they erupt into full-fledged problems. Watch out for the following telltale signs of a potential drainage problem.

Basement Water Stains

A line of water stains around your basement may form if the municipal storm sewer is higher than your basement floor, causing water to back into your home. A fluctuating water table may also be to blame. You’ll need an interior drainage system to keep these problems at bay.

Deposits on Your Walls

If you see a white or gray crust on your walls, especially basement walls, that’s definitely a result of water damage. Clean the affected spot and check it after one or two days. If you see the deposits or large patches flaking off from the walls, seek professional assistance soonest possible.

Foundation Cracks

While small cracks in foundations are usually harmless, cracks that are larger than an eighth inch wide should be a cause for concern. If the cracks are widening, a drainage problem could be ruining your foundation. Contact a structural engineer.

Mildew in Your Attic

Mildew in your attic may be a sign of drainage issues. Moisture from your crawl space or basement could be condensing on your roof’s underside. You’ll need to fix the source of the moisture as soon as possible.

Gushing Gutters

Overflowing gutters can cause peeling paint and structural damage. Unclogging your downspout can solve the problem. If your gutters are improperly pitched or undersized, they’ll need reinstallation or replacement.

You’ll save time and money by fixing drainage problems when they’re still small. If you need help with any drainage problem, please contact us at Sobieski Services, Inc.

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