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These Are the Features to Look for When Buying a New Central A/C System

Replacing your home’s older cooling equipment gives you the perfect opportunity to benefit from recent advancements in air conditioning technology. Here are some of the most beneficial features to look for in a central A/C.

High SEER Rating

Air conditioners are rated by how much energy they consume to provide a specific amount of cooling, or their seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). Today, new equipment ratings range from SEER 14 to 26. Units with higher ratings are more efficient and cost less to operate, so choose the highest rated model available within your budget.

Variable-Speed Air Handler

Variable-speed air handlers automatically modulate their speed based on your home’s changing cooling requirements. They run on the lowest possible speed roughly 75 percent of the time for longer cycles. This not only boosts efficiency, but also provides greater humidity control, better air filtration, more consistent comfort and an extended service life.

Two-Speed Compressor

Two-speed compressors automatically switch between low and high speed depending on the amount of cooling needed, and they operate on low about 80 percent of the time. This saves energy during the shoulder seasons and on milder summer days when maximum cooling capacity isn’t needed.

Fan-Only Switch

A fan-only switch lets you shut down the A/C compressor but leave the fan running. On milder days and cooler nights, opening the windows and running the fan can slash your cooling costs. This feature is especially beneficial when paired with a whole-house ventilation system. Automatic Fan Delay Usually, the air handler shuts off in sync with the compressor, which means any cool air still in the ductwork goes to waste. With an automatic fan delay, the blower keeps running briefly after the compressor shuts down to push any remaining cool air into the living space. For expert advice about what features to look for in a central A/C, contact Sobieski Services, Inc.

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