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Ten Reasons Your Sink Installation Might Not Work Out

Replacing your old sink is a cost effective way to upgrade your kitchen. Handy homeowners often attempt sink installation themselves only to realize they have fallen into some hot water.

1. Sink Opening

A common mistake made when replacing a kitchen sink is failure to size the new sink with the existing opening in the counter top leaving unsightly gaps around the sink.

2. Sink depth

Installing a deeper sink is ideal for some kitchen applications. However, failure to identify drainpipe location and ascertain if the new sinks tailpiece will align could lead to big plumbing issues.

3. Using the Wrong Sealant

If you use the wrong material to seal around the sink edge, water will seep into the cabinet below and cause damage.

4. Damaged Counter tops

Installing a new sink in damaged counter tops will lead to problems down the road.

5. Cleanliness is Important

Failure to remove old caulking, dirt, grease and other debris from the edge of the counter top opening will prevent an adequate bond.

6. Shut Off Valves

Leaking shut off valves or those that will not shut off must be replaced. This will increase the scope of the sink installation significantly.

7. Flushing the Supply Lines

If you fail to flush the supply lines before connecting them, you run the risk of sediment clogging your new faucet.

8. Adapting to Old Plumbing

Often, it proves to be very difficult when it comes to matching new plumbing fittings with old ones.

9. Faucet Installation

A common mistake made during sink installation is failure to count the number of faucet holes in the new sink until after it is installed.

10. What is Reusable?

Knowing which parts you can reuse and which ones should be trashed is an important aspect of plumbing repair. Using failing or damaged parts can cause extensive damage to your home.

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