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Tankless Water Heaters Provide 5 Core Benefits

Bathtub SpigotBefore the tankless water heater, the century-old technology of conventional storage tank heaters did the job as long as energy costs and hot water demand remained low. Today, however, over 20 percent of a home’s energy expenses go into heating water. The consumption of hot water in most households continues to rise. Each occupant now uses an average of 25 gallons per day. Storage tank units heat cold water by the tankful, then must keep it warm 24/7, consuming energy even when hot water isn’t being used. In addition, when peak demand empties the tank, the supply of hot water may be delayed while more is heated.

Here are five benefits of upgrading your home to tankless technology:

  1. No more cold showers – A tankless water heater heats water instantly, on-demand. No storage tank is involved and, as long as the heater is properly sized to the requirements of the home, you never run out of hot water<.
  2. Longer service life – Because of issues of wear and corrosion, storage tank units are typically guaranteed for just a few years. A tankless heater with proper maintenance may last up to 20 years before needing replacement.
  3. Space-saving – Tankless heaters may be mounted on an interior wall or even outside the house. This frees the closet-sized space needed to accommodate conventional storage tank heaters.
  4. Energy conservation – Tankless units have efficiency ratings above 95 percent. Because they don’t have to keep a tankful of water hot on standby, they consume less energy than tank units and can reduce your water heating costs up to one-third.
  5. Cleaner water – Over time, storage tank heaters collect rust, sediment and other impurities inside the tank. Tankless units don’t store water, so there’s no accumulation of unhygienic substances.

Sobieski Services offers the latest tankless water heater technology to reduce your household hot water expenses.

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