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Take the Plunge: Tips on Preventative Plumbing Maintenance

As with so many things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to plumbing. Nipping a problem in the bud is far easier and less expensive than dealing with a major plumbing issue in the future, and these preventative plumbing maintenance steps can help keep things flowing smoothly.

  • Check any exposed pipes in your home for signs of leaks. Common signs include pools of water, water stains and mold.
  • Look for signs of corrosion that can cause future leaks. Green stains on copper and brass fittings or orange stains on steel pipes indicate corrosion.
  • Run the water in all sinks and tubs to make sure they drain properly. The water should flow quickly and smoothly down the drain. Slow draining, bubbles or gurgling sounds may indicate a clog forming.
  • Turn on each faucet in your house to see if any water flows out from the handles or valves.
  • When you run water from sinks and shower heads, pay attention to the force of the water that comes out to assess the water pressure. Low water pressure is often a symptom of sediment buildup in shower heads and faucets.
  • Open shower heads to check for sediment buildup.
  • Flush all toilets to see if they flush properly. Make sure the toilet doesn’t continue to run after flushing. Check the handle and inside parts in the tank for broken, missing or rusted parts.
  • Check the caulking around the base of sinks, tubs and toilets to see if it is coming off.
  • Gently push and pull your toilet back and forth to see if it rocks.
  • Look for loose, cracked or hollow tiles in showers, sinks and near pipes. Broken tiles can indicate that a leak has caused rotting in the wood underneath.
  • Look inside the chamber of your water heater for rust. Drain the tank to remove sedimentation.

To learn more about preventative plumbing maintenance, contact Sobieski Services. We’ve been providing expert service in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania since 1987.

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