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Take Charge of Mold Problems in Your Home

Mold growing on walls

Mold is common indoors and outdoors, and it is difficult to fully eliminate. If that sounds worrisome, it shouldn’t. Mold only becomes a problem for people when it starts to grow and releases spores, which can cause allergic responses. There are actions you can take to deter mold growth. Here are ways to deal with indoor mold problems.

Keep Humidity Low

Mold likes high humidity and warmth, and this means that if you don’t control humidity in your pleasantly warm home, you will invite mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 60 percent to deter the fungus, and above 30 percent to prevent uncomfortably dry air. One of the best ways to keep humidity low is to install a whole-house dehumidifier or use portable dehumidifiers to remove moisture in damp spaces, such as basements.

Dehumidifiers often have displays to show you the relative humidity. If yours does not, purchase a hygrometer to measure humidity levels. If humidity is climbing, run dehumidifiers, use fans and cut down the time length of activities that put moisture into the air such as bathing, washing laundry, cooking and running your dishwasher.

Fix Moisture Problems

Moisture problems easily lead to mold problems. After fixing all plumbing leaks, check the following:

  • Basement — Condensation on walls or floors and signs of visible mold might mean you need to have your basement waterproofed. Running a dehumidifier might not be enough.
  • Roof — A leaking roof can lead to mold problems in the attic and the exterior frame of the home.
  • Attic — Musty smells or visible mold can indicate a leaky roof or insufficient attic ventilation.

Clean the Home

Clean your home from top to bottom, wiping dry all liquids and eliminating dust and food crumbs, which are a food source for mold. Clean moldy surfaces thoroughly, and discard all moldy items that cannot be sanitized.

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