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Take Advantage of the Off-Season to Upgrade Your Cooling System

With the winter chill now settled into the Delaware and Pennsylvania area, your air conditioner will be hibernating until spring. That makes the off-season the perfect time to upgrade your cooling system to enjoy better reliability and greater energy efficiency when the warm weather returns.

Convenient Timing

Upgrading a commercial cooling system can take a full day or two, assuming the most straightforward installation job with no complications. A number of issues can increase that time, however, including:

  • Equipment that’s difficult to access
  • Problems with your electrical system
  • The need for a duct upgrade
  • The need to drill through concrete

While your new system is being installed, your building won’t have central cooling. With the heat and humidity the Delaware area sees in summer, lack of cooling can cut into your business’ productivity. Why tolerate that even for a few days when you don’t have to? Upgrade your cooling system before the temperatures rise again and the job can be done without affecting your comfort.

More Favorable Pricing

With everything business owners have on their schedules, most forget about their A/C the moment fall rolls in. Only when the weather warms up again do they remember they’ll need cooling and that the old A/C might not be up to the job this year. That means demand for new cooling equipment rises as spring approaches and prices rise along with it.

During the off-season, low demand for cooling equipment keeps the prices low. You’ll also have a better selection to choose from because stock won’t be depleted as it often is toward the middle of summer. Prices start to rise by late winter, though, so it pays to upgrade your cooling system early.

Stress-Free Shopping

In the middle of winter, it’s easy to think you can squeeze one more year out of your old air conditioner, but come summer, that might seem less realistic.

A system that needs repairs more than once a year or that’s 10 years old or older is nearing the end of its lifespan. Try to get more use out of an air conditioner like that and the system could break down completely a few weeks into the summer. You’ll then be left scrambling to find any equipment that’s a reasonable fit for your needs.

Planning ahead for your cooling system upgrade gives you plenty of time to shop around for a model that provides the features and performance level you need, and that fits your budget. You’ll be able to find the perfect system without the stress of suffering through the heat and listening to your building occupants complain about the temperature.

Maximized Savings

If you’re on the fence about replacing your aging system, consider that an upgrade to your cooling system will benefit you in several ways. A newer system will be more energy efficient and regulate humidity more effectively, keeping your employees comfortable, healthy, and productive. It’s also far less likely to malfunction, helping you save time and money on maintenance.

You could take the chance that your current air conditioner will last another year, but if it doesn’t and you need to replace it a few weeks into the cooling season, you’ll have already wasted money cooling with an old, inefficient system. Have your system upgraded before the start of the cooling season, though, and you’ll enjoy maximum energy efficiency and low bills from the first day of the season.

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