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Summer Is Over, Should You Cover Up the A/C Condenser?

Preparing your home for the colder winter months ahead takes time. Yard furniture is put up, leaves begin to fall and many home owners are asking if they should cover up the A/C condenser. You will find that depending on where you live, this answer can have different outcomes.

To Cover Your A/C, or Not To Cover Your A/C

For home owners in states that have harsh winters covering up your A/C condenser, as you prepare your home for winter, may cause more problems come spring. Covering up your condenser may cause mice to seek a warm, safe place to hold out the cold winter months. This is a problem because mice like to chew on wires, which can create expensive repairs when warmer weather returns. Leaving your condenser uncovered can also create problems if your system is out in the open.

Ice and snow can fall from your roof and damage the top of your cooling system. The best thing you can do is to place a piece of wood over the top to protect it from ice and snow damage. If your cooling system is protected under a deck then there is no need to cover it up. It is always in your best interest to have your A/C condenser serviced once a year, to ensure your system is running well.

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