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Storm Prep for the Spring Season

As certain as the seasons change, there will be strong storms in areas throughout the eastern part of the country. Before these storms come thundering over the horizon, it’s a good idea to prepare your home and your family for what’s on the way. Here are some useful storm prep ideas to keep both people and property safe.

  • Establish your family emergency plan: Set out some guidelines for what members of your family should do when storms hit. Know where the safest areas in your home are, such as basements, sturdy doorways, or storm cellars. Determine how to quickly and safely evacuate your home if needed. Locate electrical and water shut-off controls and make sure everyone in your family knows how to use them. It is also an extremely good idea to determine where your family members should meet up after the storm has passed in case individuals are at work, at school, or elsewhere when the storm arrives.
  • Stock up on emergency supplies: In the wake of severe storms, it could be days before electrical power is restored. Maintain at least a three-day stock of non-perishable food and drinkable water (one gallon per day per person). Make sure you have plenty of material such as first aid kits, flashlights, batteries, batteries, and tools. Purchase a battery-powered or crank-powered radio so that you can listen to local news and weather reports. Stock a ten-day supply of medications or important medical supplies.
  • Prepare your home: Install storm windows and doors. Install additional sliding bolt latches at the tops and bottoms of doors to add additional reinforcement against wind or pressure changes. Check shutters and ensure they are securely attached to the building.

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