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Steps to Take Before Calling an Emergency Plumber

The kind of events that may trigger a call for plumbing help after-hours or on the holidays should be about issues that can’t wait. Rates charged for emergency plumbing services are substantially higher than standard rates. However, when it’s necessary, there are a couple steps you should take before calling an emergency plumber.

Turn Off The Source

If water is leaking into your home from a broken water supply line, turn it off at the main shutoff valve to mitigate further damage. Then, call the plumber. If the problem is limited to one specific fixture or appliance—like an overflowing toilet or washing machine—turn off the water supply line valve behind the unit to stop the flood.

Determine Responsibility

Before you call for emergency services due to breakage or stoppage in an underground water supply pipe or sewer line, make sure it’s actually your responsibility and not the city’s. Depending on the pipe involved and where the breakage is, your local water utility may be responsible for repair and will generally have a 24-hour crew to handle it.

Don’t Wait For Frozen Pipes To Thaw

Once you notice signs of a frozen water supply line—loss of water pressure or no water pressure at all—skip the DIY attempts to thaw the pipe and don’t wait for it to thaw on its own to determine if it has ruptured. Contact an emergency plumber at the first sign of a frozen pipe.

If Raw Sewage Is Involved

Because raw sewage is a biohazard and poses a toxic health threat that may even require evacuation, a sewage backup into your home should be a matter for a qualified plumber, no matter what day or time it occurs. The longer sewage backup infiltrates your house, the more complicated the clean-up and disinfection process.

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