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Steps for Inspecting Your Own HVAC System

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Although all HVAC systems need professional attention at least once a year, conducting your own HVAC inspection and keeping it clean may prevent an unforeseen breakdown when you most need it. Your observations also help the HVAC technician understand how your system is running to complete a thorough evaluation and tune-up.

  • Check the air filter and change it if it’s dirty. During seasons when the HVAC system is running frequently, inspect it monthly.
  • Look for debris inside the drain pan that sits at the base of the blower that could clog the drainpipe for the A/C.
  • Clean the dust off the blower motor inside the blower compartment using a dry, soft cloth, along with other surfaces inside the blower compartment.
  • Inspect the areas around the registers in your home for excessive dust that could indicate ductwork leaks.

Homes with central air conditioning will need a periodic HVAC inspection that includes the outdoor condenser.

  • Look for any greasy places on or near the condenser that could indicate a refrigerant leak, a leaking fan motor, or compressor problems. Often the refrigerant line running into your home is wrapped with foam insulation. Over time, exposure to sunshine and the elements can rot it and it will need replacing.
  • Check how level the condenser is by placing a carpenter’s level on top of it. It’s important for the condenser to sit squarely on its slab to reach maximum efficiency.
  • Clean the condenser coil and remove any dust and dirt by gently hosing it off. Some condensing coils are covered with thin metal fins that help the coil dissipate the heat from the hot refrigerant. Bent coils reduce cooling efficiency and fin combs are available at home improvement centers, but if you’re not confident about straightening them, leave it to your HVAC pro..

Taking time to do an HVAC inspection periodically keeps you on top of your system’s condition

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