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Spring Forward with these Commercial HVAC Tips

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The annual ritual of Daylight Saving Time is about to give us another opportunity to spring forward for the year. Since the onset of Daylight Savings Time is tied to the beginning of spring, it should also serve as a reminder that it’s time to deal with regular maintenance on your building’s commercial HVAC system. Use the following tips spring forward into this year’s cooling season.

Evaluate the Condition of Your Cooling System

Give some careful thought to the condition of your cooling system. Trying to spring forward with an air conditioner or heat pump that doesn’t do its job is not only unwise, it could also cost you extra money each month in lost efficiency and performance. Start by considering the system’s age. In general, commercial cooling systems can be expected to last for 10 to 15 years before age and wear make them candidates for replacement. Age, however, is not the defining criteria for HVAC system replacement. If your cooling equipment has been given regular preventive maintenance and is still in generally good condition, it’s very likely it will also provide another few seasons’ worth of service.

Call for Repairs

You or your facilities employees will know the condition of your commercial cooling system when it was taken out of service last fall. If it was malfunctioning or not working at all, repairs are going to be needed before you spring forward You may have decided to shut the system down and wait for the onset of cooling season to make any needed repairs. If so, contact your local trusted HVAC services provider for repairs or for a consultation about system replacement.

Test the System

Turn the system on and let it run for a few minutes to test its operation. This should be timed to occur on a day when outdoor temperatures are relatively mild or even unseasonably warm. Put the equipment through a standard cycle and make sure it still produces cool air.

Clean Your Cooling Equipment

Before putting your cooling system into full-time operation, make sure the system has been cleaned. Clean the indoor components such as blower fans and ductwork vents. Clean the outdoor unit by removing any accumulations of dirt, mud, grass, leaves, insect or animal nests, sticks, and other debris. Remove any debris from the vents and from the interior of the outdoor cabinet. Wash down the outside of the cabinet with water and a mild detergent or a commercial cleaner.

Change the Air Filters

Check the air filters in the system and change them if they are dirty. If they haven’t been changed since the end of last year’s cooling season, it’s a good idea to put new filters in an spring forward into the new season with fresh, clean filters in place. Remember that dirty, clogged filters will not be able to clean your indoor air effectively and could restrict airflow in the cooling system, potentially causing malfunctions or damage. Check filters by holding them in front of a bright light. If you can’t see the light through the filter, it’s time for a change.

Have Preventive Maintenance Performed

Call your local HVAC professional and schedule preventive maintenance for your commercial cooling system. Maintenance may be the last item on this list, but it may well be the most important thing you can have done to your HVAC system. Regular maintenance ensures consistent system performance at the highest possible efficiency and effectiveness. Your HVAC pro can fix small problems, make necessary adjustments, inspect the ductwork, and locate areas where potential problems may occur during cooling season.

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