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Simple Cleaning Tips for HVAC Air Filters

As a homeowner, you have many options to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner, but one of the most important is, perhaps, one of the easiest to overlook. HVAC air filters that are clogged with gunk and grime decrease the efficiency of the system, increasing your energy bills and potentially decreasing the life of your system. If you want to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system, start by addressing this maintenance issue.

Cleaning reusable air filters

Many homes have systems with disposable filters. If this is the case, simply remove the old filter and replace it with a new one. If you have a filter that is designed to be washed and re-used, here’s what you need to do to change it.

  1. Turn off the power to the air conditioner. Find the connection between the return ductwork and the side of the unit, which is where the filter is.
  2. Pull the filter out.
  3. Clean the filter using warm, soapy water. You will need to coat all sides of the filter. Then, rinse it using warm water.
  4. Inspect the filter to see if any dirt or soap residue remains. Repeat the cleaning process as needed to ensure that the filter is completely clean.
  5. Allow the air filter to dry completely. If possible, lay it on a towel or place it in direct sunlight to speed up the drying process.
  6. Put the filter back into the unit, but only after it is completely dry. Make sure the air flow arrow points towards the unit.
  7. Turn the power back on, and use your air conditioner as you normally do. Reusable HVAC air filters are not difficult to clean. Simply follow these steps to ensure that your HVAC unit’s efficiency is not being damaged due to a clogged filter.

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