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Should You Install a Building Dehumidifier?

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Between summer humidity and winter snow and rain, moisture can become a real problem in the New Jersey and Maryland area. If you’ve noticed signs of excess moisture in your building, a dehumidifier can help. This device brings your indoor humidity down to a healthy, comfortable level.

Signs You Could Benefit from a Dehumidifier

Humidity that’s reached an unhealthy level leaves a few tell-tale signs, including physical discomfort, odors, and visible damage to the building.

  • Your employees and guests complain of feeling damp and chilly in winter, and hot and sticky in summer.
  • Your employees suffer from allergy or asthma symptoms while a work.
  • You find water stains on the walls or ceilings, especially in your bathrooms and food preparation areas.
  • You find patches of mold or black spots (mold spores) in the corners of your ceilings, on walls behind furniture or equipment, and under carpeting.
  • You smell mildew or a musty odor.
  • You see condensation on the windows, especially in winter.

If you notice some of these issues, but you’re still not sure it’s worth installing a dehumidifier, install a hygrometer. This inexpensive device mounts on your wall and measures your relative indoor humidity levels.

The ideal humidity level is somewhere between 30 to 50 percent. While it should be on the higher end in summer, a humidity level above 50 percent can cause problems such as poor indoor air quality, water stains, mold growth, and condensation. If your humidity averages above this level, consult a heating and cooling professional about installing a dehumidifier.

How Balanced Humidity Benefits You

Using a dehumidifier to remove unwanted moisture from the air improves your comfort, protects your building, and saves you money.

Improved indoor air quality — High humidity levels create the perfect conditions for bacteria, mold, and dust mites, all of which threaten the health of building occupants. Mold produces airborne spores that aggravate asthma and allergies, and increase risk of upper respiratory issues. Controlling your humidity cuts down on these air contaminants, providing a healthier environment that helps boost worker efficiency and reduce sick leave requests.

Greater comfort — Damp air leaves you chilly in winter and impairs your body’s ability to cool itself in summer. A healthy humidity level allows for more comfortable “feels like” temperatures.

Energy savings — Because building occupants will feel more comfortable in optimal humidity levels, you won’t need to heat and cool as much. That translates to energy and cost savings.

Reduced risk of property damage — Water stains and mold growth can permanently damage not just paint and wallpaper, but also the surface underneath. Getting rid of the dampness prevents damage like this. In addition, your metal tools and electronics will be at less risk for rust or corrosion, and your wooden work surfaces will be less likely to warp.

Improved working conditions — Wet items, such as painted surfaces and printed materials, will dry faster. Stored foods, such as baked goods, will stay fresher longer. Wood products will swell less, making them easier to work with.

If your humidity problem is confined to one small area, a portable dehumidifier might be enough to meet your needs. If the humidity is high throughout the building, though, an in-duct dehumidifier is a more effective solution.

This type of humidifier sits inside your HVAC system and removes excess moisture from the air passing through. The moisture is drained away by your building’s plumbing system and the resulting drier air is distributed by your duct system.

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