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Should You Consider a Trenchless Sewer Line?

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A trenchless sewer line takes a lot of the trauma out of sewer replacement. Collapsing pipe segments, damaging tree roots, frequent clogs and backups—at some point a new sewer line is the only viable answer to the ongoing headaches of living with an aging, dysfunctional sewer. Yet, it’s often a dreaded prospect for most homeowners, too. Conventional sewer line replacement usually means the disruption and inconvenience of substantial excavation in your front yard, including scars on the landscape that take months to heal.

Opting for a trenchless sewer line makes sewer replacement a minimally invasive, low-impact procedure that returns full sewer function to your household in the shortest possible time while preserving your landscape. Because of the reduced labor time, it’s also generally less expensive than conventional sewer replacement, too. Two trenchless methods are available:

  • Pipe Lining. Also known as “cured in place”, a tube coated with resin is pulled through the existing sewer line, then inflated to create a new,jointless interior lining inside the old pipe. The total diameter of the sewer line is reduced by only about 1/4 inch and the procedure requires digging only one access hole.
  • Pipe Bursting. A device incorporating a pneumatic hammer drill is drawn through what’s left of the existing sewer pipe, pulverizing the pipe as it advances and creating a tunnel for the new HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipe, which is pulled behind it. HDPE pipe is jointless and impervious to tree roots as well as flexible, making it resistant to the temperature changes and shifting ground that breaks rigid pipes. The replacement HDPE pipe is also several inches larger in diameter than the old pipe, providing free flow and more volume.

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