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Shopping for a New Furnace this Fall? Use these Tips

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If you’re looking to replace your home’s furnace this fall, you’ll want to be prepared. Erring in your choice of furnaces can have long-term negative consequences in both comfort and energy savings. Important factors to consider include:

Energy efficiency. Combustion furnaces are rated based on Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). The AFUE number is given as a percentage, and can go as high as 99. That means an AFUE 90 percent heating system, operating at its most efficient, will convert 90 percent of the fuel it burns into heat for your home. In general, the higher the AFUE of furnaces the more their upfront cost. However, the more efficient model also will result in lower gas and electric bills. Choose the highest AFUE percentage that your budget can afford, to provide energy savings for years to come.

Type of fuel. If your home is tied into a natural gas line, your better off with a heating system that burns natural gas than with a fuel oil or propane furnace. It’s cheaper and you’ll have a wider selection of possible furnaces.

Sizing. Making sure your central heating system is sized properly. A furnace that’s too small will struggle to achieve your thermostat setting during cold weather. An oversized furnace, on the other hand, will short cycle – kicking on and off frequently. This will lead to wasted energy and over-stressed parts, as well as uneven heating in your home. Make sure your HVAC technician employs Manual J to determine your home’s heating load and ensure proper sizing of your new heating system.

Features. A variety of energy-efficiency features are available for modern furnaces. The most important are variable-speed and modulating blower motors and burners, which adjust the furnace’s operating speed and output to current needs, rather than running full-go all the time.

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