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Shopping for a New A/C? Understand the EnergyGuide Label Before You Buy

When you’re replacing an appliance as expensive and important to your comfort as your air conditioning system, it’s important to have all the facts at your disposal. The Department of Energy recognizes that gathering and comparing that information can be challenging. To make it easier for you, the agency established an energy labeling program covering the primary characteristics of major appliances. The EnergyGuide label isn’t exactly the same in all cases, but it is required to include several key points.

What’s on the EnergyGuide Label?

The label describes the primary features of the appliance you’re considering, as well as similar models in the same price range.

  • It covers the manufacturer, the model and the size of the product.
  • The estimated yearly operating cost is based on national averages. While it may not be accurate for your location, it does provide a basis for comparison between products.
  • The operating cost range lets you compare the model you’re reviewing to different models with comparable features.
  • The estimated yearly energy consumption accommodates a reasonably accurate estimation of the cost you can expect to incur. For a number specific to your location, multiplying it by the local electricity rate found on your utility bill.
  • If the label includes the Energy Star logo, the product has earned the right to claim that it’s more energy efficient than other models.

Changes made to the EnergyGuide label as of January 2014 may seem confusing, but they’re actually just updates to reflect new, more rigorous testing standards and an increase to national average prices per kilowatt hour. When comparing products, be sure to check the date they were produced to ensure that you’re not comparing apples to oranges.

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