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Setting Your Programmable Thermostat For Optimal Savings 24/7

Programmable thermostats are energy-saving devices that allow you to program certain settings throughout the day to match the pattern of use for the home. In that way, you can ensure energy savings – because without one we’re prone to forget to dial back the thermostat – and increase home comfort. Lennox’s icomfort Touch programmable thermostat offers the ultimate in programming capabilities, comfort and savings. Greater Wilmington-area homeowners can choose Sobieski Services, a Lennox Premier Dealer, to have this high-tech thermostat installed for maximum energy savings.

icomfort features include:

  • A touch screen, allowing homeowners to easily program settings.
  • A control panel that manages your home comfort systems, like a humidification system or ventilation equipment, to increase air quality.
  • Maximum control of indoor temperatures. The thermostat tracks indoor and outdoor temperatures and calls on the furnace to cycle on with just enough time to raise or lower temperatures, optimizing energy use.
  • A top-of-the-line warranty.

Once installed, you now need to know how to use the icomfort thermostat in order to get the most out of your investment. Here’s a few guidelines to follow:

Set A Time Frame

For optimal savings, you should set the temperature in your home back for an eight-hour period daily. That time frame is generally suitable to reap energy savings, without increasing energy consumption due to a furnace that cycles on and off too often.

Choose A Temperature

Obviously, the more you can set your thermostat back in the winter, the more you’ll save – but you don’t want to compromise comfort. Experiment with the settings to find ones suitable for you and your family. As a general rule, you can save 1 percent in heating costs if you set the temperature back by 1 degree. Set it back 10 degrees and save 10 percent, and so on. However, avoid extremes, because a setting that’s too drastic will require the heating system to consume more energy to return to comfortable temperatures.

Despite Wilmington’s cold winters, homeowners in the Northeast can save energy with programmable thermostats. Contact Sobieski Services today for help selecting and installing a device.

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