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Scheduled Duct Cleaning? Here’s What Your Contractor Should Do

Pen to PaperThorough duct cleaning can get rid of debris buildup that contributes to indoor air pollution, potentially helping ease respiratory problems like allergy and asthma symptoms. Not all HVAC technicians perform the same level of work, though. To get your system truly clean, here’s what a conscientious NADCA-certified technician will do.

  • Overall cleaning – The technician should access and clean the supply and return ducts, the supply and return plenums and all other system components, such as the blower, dehumidifier and drain pans.
  • Heating components – The airstream side of the heat exchanger should be cleaned so no visible dirt remains. The secondary heat exchanger, if present, should also be cleaned.
  • Cooling components – Both sides of the cooling coil should be cleaned well enough that you can shine a flashlight into the coil and see light come out the other side. The drain and pan will also be cleaned. The technician will use either Type 1 cleaning (using a vacuum, brush or air washing) or Type 2 cleaning (coil cleaning chemicals and water).
  • Air filters – As part of a complete duct cleaning, filters should be inspected and, if necessary, cleaned or replaced.
  • Blower – To be properly cleaned, the blower must be removed. Any dirt and oil will be cleaned from the blower blades and blower compartment, then the blower will be reinstalled.
  • Plenums – The plenums are the box-like structures immediately next to the air handler. Your technician will remove any contaminants and moisture from these structures.
  • Ductwork – All visible debris should be cleaned from the ductwork without any damage to the metal or fiberglass, such as punctures or scratches. Access doors will be resealed with screws, mastic or another method that prevents air leakage.
  • Air registers – Registers, grilles and diffusers for both the supply and the return ductwork will be removed for cleaning. Afterward, they’ll be firmly set back into place.

For more on what to expect from duct cleaning services or to request other services to improve your system’s health and efficiency, contact us at Sobieski Services.

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