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Schedule HVAC Maintenance Now And Be Ready For Cooling Season

The proper functioning of an efficient HVAC system is integral to the comfort and safety of a modern home. These units are designed to last for a long time, but it’s imperative that homeowners schedule HVAC maintenance at the proper intervals.

Professional Expertise Matters

A skilled handyman or do-it-yourself-homeowner can perform some of the necessary tasks in a routine HVAC maintenance. But a professional with the correct tools, expertise and experience is needed to perform the more complex procedures. In addition, a skilled pro can identify potential problems that will often go overlooked by an amateur. These two facts should convince any prudent homeowner to schedule HVAC maintenance at least once per year. The savings in time, aggravation and future repair bills will be worth it.

Routine HVAC Maintenance

Prior to the cooling season is the easiest and most economical time to schedule HVAC maintenance. Waiting for the height of the season risks uncomfortable delays and higher prices. During an HVAC inspection, the following items should be addressed:

  • Check and replace the thermostat battery, if necessary.
  • Check air filters and replace as necessary.
  • Examine and secure all electrical connections.
  • Inspect and clean evaporator coil.
  • Check condenser voltage.
  • Inspect and clean condensate lines and pan.
  • Lubricate motors and bearings as necessary.
  • Checks air ducts for leakage.

All HVAC systems will eventually need maintenance. Proactive maintenance is simply far superior in terms of cost, convenience and longevity of the unit. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for a problem to emerge.

To schedule HVAC maintenance with one of our certified and experienced technicians, contact us at Sobieski Services. The difference will be noticeable in your comfort, utility bills and peace of mind. We have proudly served residential and commercial customers in Wilmington area for more than a decade.

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