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Save Money by Scheduling Water Heater Maintenance

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Periodic water heater maintenance is vital to keep the appliance operating efficiently and ensure that you have a reliable supply of hot water. Scheduling professional maintenance is a convenient way to keep your water heater in top condition, so you avoid high operating costs, unnecessary repairs or a premature replacement.

Here are some of the tasks a pro performs during a water heater maintenance appointment:

  • Checking the thermostat — The voltage is tested on the thermostat and the individual elements if you have an electric model. A pro will likely recommend setting the temperature at 120 degrees to save energy and prevent accidental scalding.
  • Cleaning the burner — If you have a gas-fired unit, the burner assembly is removed and the ports cleaned, then soot and debris are vacuumed from the chamber. Once it’s clean and reassembled, the burner and pilot are tested to make sure everything works properly.
  • Inspecting the vent system — The condition and functionality of your gas water heater’s vent system is checked to prevent hazardous exhaust backdrafting.
  • Examining the anode rod — This metal rod is in place attract rust so the tank itself doesn’t corrode. If the anode rod has disintegrated, a pro will recommend replacing it.
  • Testing the temperature and pressure relief (T&P) valve — This vital safety device needs to be fully functional so it can open if the temperature or pressure inside the tank reaches unsafe levels. If the valve has seized up, it will need to be replaced.
  • Flushing the tank — The tank is drained and flushed to remove accumulated sediment that can erode your water heater’s energy efficiency or cause a premature failure.
  • Inspecting the tank exterior — The outside of the tank and the water line connections are checked for signs of rust and leaks. Adding a water heater jacket and pipe insulation may be recommended to reduce heat loss.

At Sobieski Services, Inc., our goal is to help our customers in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey learn more about energy and home comfort issues — especially HVAC and plumbing issues — so that they can save money and live in healthier, more comfortable homes.

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