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Room Air Conditioners Vs. Central Air Conditioning Systems

The decision to enjoy the benefits of staying cool with air conditioning is an easy one. Deciding by which method to stay cool is a different matter. For best results, explore the ins and outs of your available options, and work closely with your HVAC contractor.

Air conditioning ins and outs

Air-conditioning systems come in many different sizes and packages to suit practically any situation and cooling need, and work as follows:

  • A compressor primes and pumps the refrigerant back and forth between the condenser and evaporator coils.
  • Refrigerant inside the condenser releases heat to the outside air.
  • Refrigerant inside the evaporator extracts heat from the indoor air, and also removes moisture from the air.

Room air conditioners

Room air conditioners are typically installed in window space or through a wall cut-out. These are their pros and cons:


  • Room air conditioners are smaller and cost less than large central air-conditioning systems.
  • A handy homeowner may be able to install this unit.
  • Room air conditioners typically use less electricity than central units.


  • Room air conditioners often pose a safety hazard by the nature of their wall cut-out or window installation.
  • Room air conditioners do not remove a significant amount of moisture.
  • A wall- or window-installed unit is an eyesore.

Central air-conditioning systems

Central air-conditioning systems are typically comprised of an indoor-air handler/evaporator connected to a duct system, and a large metal cabinet containing the compressor/condenser installed outside the home.


  • Central air conditioners add value to a home.
  • Central air conditioners remove a significant amount of moisture from indoor air which greatly increases comfort, and serves to lessen the need for cooling.
  • Central systems can provide efficient cooling to an entire home.
  • Central systems may utilize the blower and ductwork of an existing forced-air furnace.


  • Central systems and the ductwork occupy considerably more space.
  • Central systems are more expensive.

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