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Rising Refrigerant Prices: Time To Retire That Old Air Conditioner

Roller CoasterThis year might be the one where you reach the tipping point on air conditioner replacement. Air conditioner refrigerant prices have and will continue to increase dramatically over the next few years, particularly for R-22. This refrigerant contributes to degradation of the ozone layer and global warming. The Montreal Protocol restricts the production of R-22 for replacement use only, with a gradual phase-out by 2020.

This means that the refrigerant prices will climb substantially as the years pass. Experts estimate that 80 percent of the air conditioners in the U.S. use R-22, which means that these systems will be given recycled or reclaimed R-22, or will need to be replaced with air conditioners that use environmentally-friendlier refrigerants like R-410A.

Newer air conditioners, like those that Lennox offers, are much more energy-efficient, especially those that have earned the Energy Star label. These highly-efficient systems speed the payback process, reduce your environmental footprint and give you peace of mind.

Homeowners with air conditioning systems manufactured before 2010 don’t have to replace the systems because of the R-22 phase-out, though it is important to understand that refills of the no-longer-manufactured R-22 refrigerant will come at a higher cost. For this reason, if and when your dated system begins showing signs of aging and potential breakdown, it might be a good idea to investigate the options for a new system using an approved refrigerant.

When you do go through the air conditioner replacement process, your technician can check out the rest of the system, which includes your home’s ductwork. When the new equipment is installed, technicians can address any related issues, ensuring you enjoy better efficiency and lower energy bills.

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