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Replacing a Sump Pump


Flooding is one of the worst disasters a homeowner may face. Water can cause expensive damage to your home and belongings in short order, and become a long-term health hazard in the form of toxic mold and mildew. These scenarios make your sump pump an indispensable appliance.

Knowing when and how to replace your sump system shouldn’t be a matter of guesswork or, worse, finding out too late. Use these tips for testing and replacing your sump pump before basement flooding due to natural disaster, burst pipes, or a ruptured water heater.

Testing Your Sump System

It’s best to test your sump pump at least a few times a year — especially before storm and hurricane season. Fill the sump pit with clean water until the rod or balloon float switch is activated. If the water is pumped out successfully, your pump may be fine.

The age of your sump system is also a factor. If your pump is more than 10 years old, you should definitely replace it at your earliest urgency — not convenience. Floods are never convenient or predictable. Consider replacing your sump system every seven years to be safe.

Replacing Your Sump System

Work with your plumber when replacing your sump system. You’re going to find different models and features that may or may not suit your plumbing. Moreover, your sump pit should be evaluated. If it’s too narrow, it may interfere with operation.

Your plumber should recommend that you install a backup sump pump with a dedicated power source, such as a battery. During flooding, electrical power is often the first service to go down. If you don’t have a tested and well-operating backup sump in place, you could be in deep trouble in more ways than one. Remember, your sump pump is an emergency appliance and system that protects your Mid-Atlantic home.

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