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Replacing Furnace Filters Regularly Can Save Money, Promote Health

Maintaining a clean furnace filter is important, for a variety of reasons. Not all furnace filters are created equal – some are very basic, capturing only the largest airborne particulates; others are quite dense and elaborate, capturing all but the very tiniest particles in the air. Similarly, furnace filters have different effects on system airflow. So it’s always important when selecting an air filter for your HVAC system to choose one that will satisfy your air quality concerns while not impeding airflow. Your local HVAC technician can advise you on the latest technological advancements concerning air quality and filter use.

The filter is the first line of defense against airborne particulates in order to protect both your equipment and indoor air. The air you breathe, in your own home, is likely to have pet dander, mold spores, smoke, pollen, dust mites and dead skin cells. A good filter will catch most of these particulates but regular cleaning or replacing of your HVAC filter is a necessary maintenance routine to ensure optimum efficiency.

A good filter will remove allergens and microorganisms that trigger or exacerbate allergic reactions in many people. Anyone with asthma or a compromised immune system will benefit greatly from cleaner air. When someone is sick, a good filter system can catch the airborne microbes before they catch you. Another very good reason to keep your furnace filter clean, is that it will save you money.

A dirty filter will force your furnace to work harder. When your furnace has to work harder, the air flow is restricted, the wear on your furnace increases, and your furnace uses more energy. Keeping your furnace filter clean is a great way to save money, as well as take care of your health.

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