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Relax with an AC Service Agreement for Less Than $10 Per Month

The month of May here in the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey area means hot, humid days are only a few weeks away. Will your home be ready for the summer heat?

Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Making sure your AC is ready to keep you and your family comfortable is crucial. Just like you wouldn’t go on a three-month road trip across the country to California without first getting your car checked out, you shouldn’t expect that your air conditioner will make it through to fall without any problems. Having a professional service your AC system is essential to a comfortable, worry-free summer.

The key benefits of having maintenance performed on your air conditioner include:

Improved Home Comfort

Without appropriate service, your air conditioner won’t be able to keep your home cool and comfortable throughout the whole hot, humid summer. When your AC is maintained by a professional, it’ll be optimized to perform well for ideal home comfort.

Reduced Air Conditioning Costs

Maintenance helps to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency. Not only does this result in improved comfort, it can also help to reduce high energy bills. During a service appointment, an expert can check your system’s performance to ensure you’re not paying more than you have to.

Avoid Breakdowns & Extend Equipment Life

When you maintain your car, it’s less likely to breakdown and will last longer than if you simply drove it into the ground. The same idea applies to your air conditioner. With appropriate maintenance, your AC will be prepared to handle keeping your home cool.

Increased durability of your system prevents unexpected breakdowns that can result in inconvenient and potentially costly emergency repairs. Regular tune-ups for your air conditioner help to extend it’s lifespan, ensuring you won’t have to pay for a premature replacement. It’s also important to remember that seasonal maintenance is required to maintain your system’s manufacturer warranty.

Peace of Mind with Home Health & Safety

During professional air conditioning maintenance, a specialist will thoroughly inspect and tune-up your system. Since cooling units can leak and release toxic fluids, maintenance will keep your home safe. In addition, your AC’s air filter will be cleaned or replaced, helping to keep the air that circulates throughout your home healthy for you and your family to breathe.

A Maintenance Agreement for Your DE, MD, PA or NJ Home

Summer’s right around the corner, and you don’t want to find out that your air conditioner isn’t prepared to handle the heat on the hottest day of the year. With the HVAC professionals at Sobieski, you can get ready now.

For less than $10 per month, you’ll have peace of mind that your home will be comfortable throughout the summer months and that you won’t be overpaying on your energy bills. With a service agreement from Sobieski, you’ll receive discounts and priority service, including an AC tune-up which features:

  • Checking thermostat operation
  • Checking safety controls
  • Cleaning the blower compartment
  • Checking blower amp readings & capacitor
  • Checking electric heat strips
  • Check refrigerant level
  • Checking superheat and sub-cooling
  • and more!

Don’t wait until the summer to make sure your AC can handle the heat. Get a service agreement for less than $10 a month and get peace of mind. Contact us or call (302) 993-0103 to purchase your service agreement and learn more today!

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