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Reduce Stress on Your Commercial Plumbing Pipes

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The commercial plumbing pipes in your facility are designed to stand up to the extra use and stress common to business or retail sites. From pipe material to design and installation, the plumbing system will be able to keep working to supply fresh water, drainage, and sewage services. This does not mean, however, that commercial plumbing systems can withstand excessive use or abuse without problems such as leaks, clogs, and backups. Here are some of the things you can do to reduce stress on your commercial plumbing pipes and ensure that you have access to water and drainage when they are needed.

Check for Signs of Pipe Stress

First, understand what some of the signs of stress damage to your commercial plumbing pipes can look like.

  • Check for leaks. Leaks can result when there is too much stress on your commercial plumbing pipes. If you have noticed leaks anywhere, you should fix the leak and whatever is causing the stress on the pipes. Drips or puddles of water inside your facility are obvious signs, but it is possible that some leaks can be hidden. Look for signs such as discolored floors or walls; water damage to paneling or wallboard; or damage to papers, books, or equipment. An area of larger-than-usual grass or vegetation growth outdoors could be a sign of an underground leak.
  • Check for damage. Look for damage to your pipes, including cracks, breaks, loose or disconnected fixtures or connections, or swollen pipes. Finding damage before it results in a large leak or flood can head off major damage.
  • Check for restricted flow. Check the flow of fresh water coming out of your system and the flow of water down pipes, sewers, toilets, and other drainage areas. Restricted flow could mean clogs or pipe damage.

Reducing Stress on Commercial Plumbing Pipes

  • Decrease water pressure. If the pressure of the water in your facility’s pipes is too high, it could cause leaks through the breaking of seals at connections. Have your plumbing professional test the water pressure throughout your building. If necessary, a water pressure reducer can be installed.
  • Use a water softener. Hard water contains minerals and substances such as lime, calcium, and magnesium that can build up in your plumbing pipes. Over time, the material accumulation will gradually reduce the amount of water that can flow through the pipes. Eventually, a complete clog can occur. Removing this material can be difficult, and sometimes replacing the pipes is the best solution. Make sure your local water supply is low in mineral content or that you have installed a water softener to help remove these substances from your water.
  • Be careful of what goes down the drain. In a commercial facility, you have less control over what might be flushed down the toilets or put in the drains. Customers might flush items such as cigarettes, excessive amounts of paper, or other objects that can cause a clog. Grease and similar substances can build up quickly in a pipe system and create a blockage. Even coffee grounds are can settle in the pipes and cause problems. Make sure that your staff knows what should not be sent down the drain. Post signs in public bathrooms and monitor these areas.
  • Have pipe maintenance performed. As often as every five years, have a video pipe inspection performed on your commercial plumbing pipes. This involves inserting a video camera into the pipe system and pushing it through to look for damage or potential problems, such as tree roots growing into the pipes. Maintenance and inspections can locate problems so they can be fixed before they become major headaches.

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