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Reasons Why You Should Have Your Alarm System Inspection This Summer

The alarm systems in your commercial facility protect you, your employees, and your customers all year long. However, there are several reasons why a business, commercial entity, or institution should consider having these systems inspected and maintained during the summer season. We’ve rounded up reasons why a summer alarm system inspection can be a good idea.

It’s Easier to Test and Inspect All Relevant Safety Systems

A thorough program of testing will involve fire alarms, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. Sprinkler systems, foam suppression systems, portable fire extinguishers, and other fire control equipment should also be checked. Smaller but equally important components of the safety systems will also require inspection, such as exit signs, emergency lighting, stand-by generators, and hood suppression systems.

These systems can be easier to test in summer because of the better weather that facilitates easier and more comfortable working conditions for those doing the testing. Employees and customers are more likely to expect larger projects to be done in the summer and won’t be surprised by the extra activity. If employees and customers need to leave the building for any length of time during alarm system inspection and testing, they can go out into pleasant summer weather rather than winter cold.

There Are Fewer People in the Building

In many cases, summer means that there will be fewer people in the building to work around or take into consideration when having an alarm system inspection. This is particularly relevant in the case of schools, student-dominated apartments, and commercial businesses that have a greater influx of customers during the winter months.

Since alarm systems must often be disconnected during inspection and maintenance, it is better to do these tasks when there are fewer people in the building. A reduction in the number of people in the building means fewer delays and inconveniences as inspectors and maintenance personnel take care of their duties.

Carbon Monoxide-Producing Heating Equipment is Not in Use

Since testing of carbon monoxide detectors and alarm systems is a vital part of alarm system inspection, it is better to do this testing when fuel-burning heating systems are not in use. There may also be fewer carbon monoxide-producing appliances in use as well, such as cooking stoves or portable heaters. The dangers of carbon monoxide cannot be overstressed, as this gas is potentially deadly. The testing of detectors can be more efficient and accurate when there is little or no chance of a false positive from existing heating or cooking systems.

Alarm Systems Need to be Ready for New Tenants

Commercial facilities can get new tenants at any time, but summertime alarm system inspection allows you to get ready for renters who may want to start their new lease at the beginning of the October fiscal year.

Again, schools and student-dominated apartments are going to see a surge of occupancy in the fall as primary and secondary schools reopen and college students return and look for places to live. If alarm system inspections are preformed in the summer, there is more time to check and repair a large number of alarms. Summertime inspection and maintenance of alarms allows you to ensure that all systems are fully operational and are in compliance with all local, state, or federal safety regulations.

Spring Storm Season is Over

By the time summer is fully underway, the spring storm season has abated and there are fewer chances for severe storms. That’s not to say that strong storms don’t happen in summer; they certainly do. It simply means that the greater likelihood of storms experienced in spring has been reduced, leaving more opportunities for extensive alarm system inspection, testing, and maintenance.

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