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Reasons to Thank Your Commercial HVAC Technician

Imagine a day in the hottest, stickiest weather of summer, and your air conditioner isn’t working. Your HVAC tech is on-site and working furiously to restore the cooling system. Throughout the building, the temperature keeps climbing, and you can feel it pressing down on you like a physical force. A drop of sweat runs down your side, tickling your ribs before being absorbed by your clothing. It’s hard to breathe, and you don’t even want to move in the oppressive heat.

And then, suddenly, your air conditioner kicks back on. The cool air is flowing again and you feel a rush of relief, along with deep thankfulness that your HVAC tech was able to fix the problem. You hurry to tell your HVAC pro how thankful you really are.

A scenario like this is repeated probably thousands of times each heating and cooling season. On June 22, you can honor the HVAC experts who keep your commercial spaces comfortable by participating in National HVAC Tech Day.

The Origins of National HVAC Tech Day

National HVAC Tech Day was founded on June 22, 2016 by American Residential Services (ARS), an HVAC and plumbing company with locations in fourteen states and the District of Columbia. The company started HVAC Tech Day to “recognize the hard work, skill and resourcefulness of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals everywhere,” according to a description on the ARS website.

Why Celebrate HVAC Tech Day?

National HVAC Tech Day gives commercial and residential customers across the country the opportunity to recognize the services provided by heating and cooling professionals. There are many reasons to celebrate HVAC Tech Day and appreciate your HVAC professional’s hard work.

  • HVAC techs often work under difficult conditions and in uncomfortable spaces, to keep your air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, or boiler working. That tight squeeze to get to the equipment? Has to be navigated. That nest of wasps or web full of spiders between them and the system? Can’t let that stop them. Mud, dirt, dust, and even worse? Just part of daily worklife. If you’re overly hot or cold while waiting for your HVAC system to be fixed, you can be sure your HVAC tech is, too.
  • HVAC techs are there when you need them. Has your heating or cooling system gone out at 3:00 in the morning? In most cases, your HVAC tech will be able to respond. Problems on the weekend? Emergency service should be available. Talk to your HVAC pro about a service contract that covers emergency needs.
  • HVAC techs keep your heating and cooling systems working at their best. Regular preventive maintenance performed by your HVAC tech gives your heating and cooling equipment the boost it needs to make it through another season. As part of the process, your HVAC tech inspects the system from end to end, looking for small problems and issues that can be fixed. This inspection also uncovers areas that could become bigger problems later. Your tech makes adjustments to components, calibrates controls, and cleans the system to ensure reliable performance.
  • HVAC techs save you money. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs provides noticeable monetary savings. When your tech adjusts and maintains your heating and cooling system, he ensures that the equipment will work at its greatest level of efficiency for the longest possible time. Your tech can restore efficiency where it has been lost, and can help you boost efficiency in systems that are already working well. When efficiency is increased, the system uses less energy and, as a result, costs less to operate.

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