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Reasons to Sign Up for Planned HVAC Maintenance for Your Business

More than almost any other system in your business, your heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) system is responsible for the comfort and health of your employees. It’s also one of your biggest energy users. Planned HVAC maintenance for your business ensures this system runs reliably and efficiently.

Long-Term Savings

Among the most common reasons given for skipping regular HVAC maintenance is the lack of finances and resources. Waiting until something goes wrong isn’t a cheaper alternative, though. By that time, you’ll have wasted money on unnecessarily high energy bills and incurred repair costs you could have avoided.

Investing in planned HVAC maintenance for your business helps in both these areas.

  • Improved energy efficiency – In less than a year, a heating and cooling system can collect enough dust and debris to measurably reduce its energy efficiency. Regular wear, such as deteriorating duct seals, further impairs the system’s efficiency. When you’re managing a large building, even a small reduction in efficiency can mean a large increase in your expenditures.
  • Longer component lifespan – Over time, debris on your system’s components doesn’t just decrease their efficiency, but also causes wear. For example, a dirty A/C evaporator coil raises the pressure in the compressor, placing excess strain on this component. Ordinary use also causes wear and tear. Wires work loose, motor voltage draw can change, and the furnace ignitor can slip out of adjustment.

If not corrected, these minor issues worsen and can eventually cause components to fail before their expected lifespan. You’ll then be left with replacement costs that could have been avoided. That’s to say nothing of the interruption in your work schedule. Regular maintenance tune-ups catch and correct problems while they’re still relatively inexpensive and quick to fix.

Regular maintenance can lower the cost of caring for your HVAC system by 35 to 45 percent. If you need hard data on your HVAC system to sell planned maintenance to your company budget planners, consider investing in an Energy Management System (EMS).

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Planned HVAC maintenance for your business improves your system’s reliability so you can ensure a comfortable environment for your customers.

Unusually hot or cold weather places an added load on your system, meaning a poorly maintained system is more likely to break down right when you need it the most. Customers who come in during these times may leave and never return. If your place of business is often too hot or cold, or plagued by unpleasant odors due to poor ventilation, even your most loyal customers will eventually stop coming.

Customers won’t be the only ones put off. It’s hard to make a good impression on a potential business partner by inviting them into an office that’s stuffy, chilly or otherwise uncomfortable.

Greater Employee Productivity

Poor ventilation and, in summer, insufficient air conditioning allow air contaminants, carbon dioxide (CO2) and humidity to build up. This is a particular concern in an office with many workers and office equipment, such as laser printers and copy machines that produce air pollutants known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Your employees are unlikely to do their best or fastest work when they’re uncomfortable. Even worse, very poor indoor air quality could result in employees developing sick building syndrome (SBS) and filing for worker’s compensation. Some research shows workers perform certain types of tasks best when the ventilation rate is high and when temperatures are moderate. That means keeping your HVAC system in shape helps your company maintain a brisk production schedule and saves you from human resource-related financial loses.

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