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Radiant Heating Starts at Your Feet and Works Its Way Up

Radiant heat works by heating inanimate objects, such as ceilings, walls or floors, instead of heating and then circulating the air as forced-air heating systems do. The heat radiates from an element installed under the floor, behind the wall or above the ceiling, and into your home virtually unnoticed.

What Are the Disadvantages?

  • No ductwork available for cooling systems
  • Requires skilled professional installation
  • Hot water radiant heat has higher installation costs
  • If using water tubing for cooling, a dehumidifier may be needed

Radiant heating installed under the floor is efficient and eliminates hot or cold spots in a room, as occurs with a forced-air system. Heat is supplied by electrical wires in tiled rooms or even supplied by tubes filled with hot water installed under flooring in your home. Heat rises so the warmth is where you need it. It starts at your feet and warms its way up.

What Are the Benefits?

  • High efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Even heating
  • Quiet
  • Unseen
  • Feels warmer at cooler temperatures
  • The heat lingers in the room, even after the system has shut down

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