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Radiant Heat: Delivering Comfort, Along With Energy Savings

SocksRadiant heating systems are an energy-efficient alternative that will provide ample warmth throughout your house during the upcoming winter. But before you can figure out whether or not it would be a wise upgrade for your home, it’s important to learn about the benefits they provide and how they operate.

Radiant heating systems supply heat directly to your home from panels that are installed within your ceiling, walls or floors. The radiation then permeates the surrounding areas, warming them like heat from an oven warming a kitchen. One of the biggest benefits of radiant systems over forced-air systems is that no ductwork is involved, so none of your heat is lost.

Hydronic, or hot water, radiant floor systems are one of the most popular of choices within the radiant realm. The installation process is relatively simple compared to other methods, which attributes to their popularity.

These types of systems distribute warm water heated by a boiler through a system of tubes that lie under your floor. Your thermostat controls the hot water flow and enables you to reach your desired temperature.

There are other types of installations as well. A “wet install” involves a series of tubes (water system) or cables (electric system) in a concrete slab that is under your floors or within your basement.

“Dry installs” are also gaining in popularity. Rather than have the cables or tubes in a slab, they are simply placed in an air space underneath your floor. This makes the installation simple. But because they have to heat an entire air space, the operating temperature must be higher.

It is best to talk to a certified HVAC specialist about what method is ideal for your home so that you get the best results. To learn more about radiant heat systems, contact Sobieski Services today.

Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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