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Radiant Heat Basics for Your Next Remodel

A radiant heating system can save you tremendous amounts of money on your heating bill, especially if you’re currently building a house or remodeling. This system doesn’t have certain inefficiencies present in furnaces or boilers, and can work either on its own or as an auxiliary system.

What is Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat systems work through panels in the walls, floor, or ceiling of your home. The heat radiates directly into the rooms you want to heat, resulting in less energy loss than air duct systems. Unlike central heating systems such as forced air, there are no cold spots that may bump the thermostats and no energy lost on the way to the spaces you’re trying to heat.

Radiant Heat System Types

There are several types of radiant systems, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. These include:

  • Electric. Panels can run through on-grid electricity, solar power, or an emergency backup generator. Radiant heat tends to be much more efficient than baseboards due to better heat distribution.
  • Hydronic. Circulating water through pipes instead of electricity through coils, the hydronic radiant heat system can work with an existing boiler. It’s considered the most efficient radiant option, and delivers steady heat even in the coldest weather.
  • Air. An air system usually isn’t very efficient because it doesn’t hold heat well. It may be worth setting up with an existing solar heat system as an auxiliary heat source.

Radiant heating systems can be installed directly into concrete during construction, or placed between the subfloor and wood flooring.

Benefits of Installation

Not only do radiant heating panels use small amounts of energy, but they also save energy by making surfaces throughout the house feel warmer. The system warms floors and walls directly instead of the surrounding air. Unlike forced air, radiant heating doesn’t distribute allergens throughout the house.

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