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A Quick Home Maintenance Guide for Busy Homeowners

Are you intimidated by the idea of home maintenance? If so, you’re not alone; we get a lot of HVAC and plumbing questions from homeowners.

At Sobieski, we like to remind customers that regular home maintenance is not only about making repairs but also about preventing future breakdowns and costly upgrades. To help make home maintenance simpler for you, we’ve created a brief guide to keeping your home running at its best.


Check or replace HVAC filters

Clean HVAC filters are essential for keeping indoor air free of dirt, dust, allergens, and pollutants. They also help prevent overheating in HVAC equipment. Be sure to check your furnace or AC filter monthly and replace as necessary to improve indoor air quality and extend the life of your HVAC equipment. This is usually as simple as turning off your heating or cooling system and pulling out the filter to inspect it for dirt and grime — and then replacing it with a new filter if needed.

Flush toilets and run water in unused bathrooms

This simple piece of DIY home maintenance keeps plumbing in guest bathrooms and other unused areas free of grime and other types of buildup.


Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Most detectors have a test button that, when pressed, sounds the alarm to tell you the detector is working. If you press the test button and do not hear the alarm sound, try changing the batteries and testing the detector again. If the alarm still does not sound, it may be time to clean the battery terminal or invest in a new detector.

Twice a Year

Schedule HVAC maintenance

There are two HVAC tune-ups you should schedule with an HVAC professional per year: one for your furnace or boiler and one for your air conditioner. Tune-ups keep your heating and cooling systems running at peak performance and reduce your chances of having to schedule a repair. Ultimately, they ensure greater home comfort and efficiency year-round.

Deep clean your house

A deep clean every six months helps keep your home in tip-top shape and gives you an opportunity to spot problems which might otherwise go unnoticed.

Replace smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries

Rather than waiting for the low battery noise, change the batteries in your detectors every six months to make sure they are keeping your home safe.


Inspect your plumbing

Small leaks often go unnoticed, but they can wreak major havoc on your plumbing system if you aren’t careful. Be sure to inspect your toilets and faucets for leaks and enlist the help of a plumbing professional for those “invisible” plumbing issues.

Flush your water heater and remove sediment

This extends the life of your water heater and helps it run more efficiently. Once a year, it is also a good idea to assess the condition of your water heater to determine whether it is time for an upgrade or replacement.

Check your sump pump

Your sump pump protects your basement from flooding and water damage. Be sure to inspect it once a year for any signs of trouble and to test it by pouring a few gallons of water into the pit (which should engage the pump switch). If your sump pump does not seem to be functioning properly, it could be time to replace it.

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