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Protect Your Investment — Surveillance Cameras for Your Business

Protecting your business from crime and related problems can seem like it requires you to be in more than one location at the same time. While there’s no way to overcome the physical limitations preventing this, you can expand your visual reach by using security cameras. Surveillance via security cameras allows you to keep a very close watch on your business facility, the people in it, and their actions and behaviors. With the added visual range and multiple viewpoints that security cameras provide, you can almost manage the feat of being in two or more places at once, watching, monitoring, and protecting your business.

Benefits of Security Cameras

Security cameras give you the ability to observe and monitor multiple locations within or outside of your business facility. A deck of closed-circuit TV screens attached to multiple cameras lets you see what’s going on in many locations at once. Even more importantly, security cameras let you record activity for later review and analysis. Your security cameras allow you to carefully watch over areas such as:

  • Entrances and exits where unauthorized personnel could enter or employees could leave without permission.
  • Walls, fences, and other barriers that could be crossed by trespassers or criminals.
  • Out-of-the-way spots in your building or facility grounds where illegal or unauthorized activity would otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Stockrooms, retail sales floors, raw material storage areas, and other areas where items are available and the potential for theft by either employees or customers exists.
  • Offices, break rooms, meeting rooms, and other locations where employees work and gather, or where customers can potentially gain access to your facility.
  • Common rooms or areas where customers mingle and gather and where conflicts or other trouble could develop.

How Security Cameras Can Help You Avoid Trouble

There are several types of illegal, violent, or criminal behavior that security cameras can help you watch for and avoid. By quickly identifying and responding to some of these situations, you can protect your business facility, cut down or eliminate theft, and take action to protect customers and employees from violence and crime.

  • Shoplifting: Retail businesses lose millions of dollars worth of merchandise each year from shoplifting. Many thieves are very skilled at stealing and hiding merchandise, and catching them in the act can be very difficult. Video surveillance cameras give you the advantage because they can reveal the actions of shoplifters and provide a record of what they did and what they took.
  • Theft by Employees: Businesses do their best to screen out potentially larcenous employees, but even the best techniques can’t eliminate all possible thieves. In some cases, otherwise honest employees might find that the temptation to take an item from work might be too strong to resist. Security cameras can catch individuals in the act of theft, while the presence of the cameras can serve as a deterrent to keep employees from giving in to the desire to take something.
  • Burglary: Break-ins and burglary can account for a significant loss of merchandise, cash, or other valuables. Security cameras can be silent observers when burglars enter your business facility. The cameras can quietly but accurately record the actions of burglars and provide proof of the crime and, in some cases, the identity of the culprit.
  • Armed robbery: Armed robbery is a dangerous crime that can put your employees and customers at risk of injury or death. Security cameras can provide a video record of the actions of armed robbers that can help law enforcement identify them and any accomplices. Armed thieves are also less likely to rob an establishment that is well monitored by video cameras.

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