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Protect Your Basement From These 5 Common Sump Pump Repair Mistakes

Super HeroesA sump pump is usually found in the basements of homes. These pumps are often found in homes that have flooding frequently due to a lot of rain or natural groundwater. By having a sump pump, excess water is removed to prevent such disasters from happening as well as removing dampness. If your sump pump isn’t working right it will need to be repaired. You will need to have a professional come out to fix the pump to prevent mistakes from happening or you can try repairing it on your own first.

Not checking the Float

The float is the ball that floats in the water. If the float does not float up and down with water then it will need to be repaired. By not taking the time to check something so minor as the float, yet a vital part of the pump’s operation, then you may be calling for a professional for no reason. It is an important factor in the operation of the sump pump since it controls the on/off switch. You can check for clogging by debris and remove it if there is any. This may be causing the float to not work. Replacing the float doesn’t mean the sump pump is repaired. Listen for a loud noise. If there is a loud noise you will need to check the impeller which may need to be removed and replaced. Remove any debris found and see if the noise continues. If debris problems continue you will need to figure out a way to prevent it from continuing such as planting a filter in the sump pump to stop any more clogging from re-occurring.

Not listening to the Motor

Mistakes can be made if you don’t listen to the motor. If the motor and pump are running then you will need to examine the outside pump where water should be releasing. If there’s no water coming out then a check valve may be stuck or a water pipe might be blocked. You may have to call for a professional to fix this problem.

Not checking the level of water

Check if the sump pit is filled with water or at least has some water. This is a simple part of regular maintenance and making sure that the sump pump is functioning properly. With conditions constantly changing, you should check each year if the sump pit is filling more or less than it used to. If conditions have somewhat remained the same, yet the pump is responding differently, it may need sump pump repair. Checking the pumps’ inactivity will help you determine whether or not it is functioning at all.

Not checking for loose wiring

Loose wires is also a simple part of regular maintenance and needs to be checked regularly. A sump pump could have loose wires if the sump pump stops suddenly. Without checking the wires you may be overlooking something very simple to get the pump working again. This can be checked by first turning off the power source and disconnecting the pump. Then analyze for loose wiring and replace them. Reinstall the pump to see if it starts working again.

Recognize when a professional needs to come in and complete sump pump repair is needed

After you tried looking over minor details of getting your sump pump going and it still is not functioning correctly, you will need to call a professional to begin repairs. By checking regularly if the water is discharging properly, you will be able to determine if the pump needs repair.

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