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Project In The Works? Talk To Us About Adding Radiant Heating

With summer months now approaching, it is the ideal time to do some renovations to keep your home more efficient and comfortable during the next cold season. So, consider installing radiant in-floor heating in your bathrooms and kitchen to keep you comfortable during the long Delaware Valley winter.

If you have ever stepped out of the shower onto a cold floor and had to jump back to the rug because your feet were freezing, then radiant heating systems are the perfect solution. In-floor heating systems circulate hot water from a boiler through plastic tubing installed in the floors to evenly distribute low-temperature heat throughout your home.

While radiant floor heating may seem like a big investment, it is a wise investment. With many benefits to installing the system, the two most important are comfort and savings. To provide more comfort than conventional forced air systems, radiant heating systems heat objects and not the air; therefore, heat is not wasted at the ceiling or lost when a door or window is opened. Warmth is kept where it is needed most, around the floor to keep your feet warm at all times, which is the key to comfort.

Investing in radiant floor heating can save you up to 40 percent on your heating bill, which equals more money saved. Radiant heating systems are the most efficient form of heating available and require less operating time to reach and maintain the desired temperature when compared to other heating systems. These systems also eliminate the need for humidification since radiant floor heating does not change the air moisture content of your home.

To some, radiant heating may seem like a luxury, but with comfort and savings at stake, installing a system seems more like a necessity. You won’t have to worry about the shock of stepping on a cold floor after a nice, hot shower, especially during long, bitter winters.

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