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Preventing A/C Water Leaks With Professional Help

Water DropIt makes little difference if your air conditioner is a few years old or a decade old. Regularly scheduled maintenance is required for preventing A/C water leaks and drainage overflow. Air conditioners function with great energy efficiency when they have unhindered airflow, correct refrigerant levels and when all other components are maintained and replaced or repaired as needed. When maintenance is lacking, however, problems arise, including potential water damage.

A substantial amount of water is produced when the air conditioner runs frequently or continuously during the cooling months. The condensation must drain freely through an unblocked condensate line or dripping and overflowing water spills inside your home. The following conditions, caused by a lack of maintenance, contribute to leaks and water problems:

  • Condensate line accumulates blockages such as algae growth, mineral deposits, dirt and even insect and rodent nests and byproducts.
  • An overworked air conditioning system tends to accumulate ice on the evaporator. When the ice defrosts, it adds excess moisture to an already burdened system and drains with it any debris that was on the evaporator.
  • Worn electrical components and hindered airflow at the air filter or evaporator increase A/C stress as well.

Professional preventive maintenance

Scheduled professional maintenance is the best prevention method for preventing A/C water leaks and other issues. An HVAC professional will keep your A/C in optimal condition for energy efficiency and delivering cooling when you need it most with no water leaks. These are a few checks specific for preventing water leaks and overflowing:

  • Check the condensate line for integrity and free draining.
  • Clear the condensate line of all debris and blockages.
  • Clean all components responsible for free airflow, including the filter, evaporator, condenser and blower assembly.
  • Measure blower speed.
  • Inspect all electrical wiring, components and contacts for signs of wear.
  • Replace or repair as needed.
  • Check for refrigerant leaks.
  • Measure refrigerant levels and adjust to exact manufacturer specifications when needed.
  • Visually inspect the ductwork for loose joints, leaks and damage. Catch small problems before they become big problems.

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