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Prevent Scalding With These Easy Steps

Are you aware that 20 percent of all burns are caused by scalding? Although vulnerable household members such as children, the elderly and disabled individuals are most likely to suffer from scalds, all homeowners are wise to take these easy steps to prevent scalding. The costs of safeguarding your entire home is minimal and will allow you to rest easy knowing that your family is protected from accidental water burns.

These simple precautions can virtually eliminate the risk of scalding in your home.

  1. Adjust your water heater to 120 degrees. Unless you have a unique situation such as a home with a dishwater without an internal heater, tap water above 120 degrees is not only unnecessary and dangerous but also causes significant and correctable energy losses.
  2. Install anti-scalding valves in one or more locations. These simple, inexpensive devices prevent scalding by regulating the amount of hot and cold water passing through the valve and do not allow the water exiting the device to exceed a preset temperature.
  3. Never leave an infant or a young child alone in a bathroom, and always be sure to check the water temperature before allowing little ones to touch the water. Children have thinner skin than adults which tends to burn easily!

All of these suggestions can be completed in a short period of time with a small financial investment. Many homeowners can adjust the temperature setting on their water heater with the use of a candy thermometer and patience, and a single anti-scald valve can be installed at your water heater to protect your entire home. Separate anti-scald valves can also be used at individual faucets if you have one or more locations in need of hotter water than others. And of course, careful supervision of children near hot water is always critical for keeping your little ones safe.

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