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Prevent Plumbing Leaks by Reducing Stress on Your Pipes

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The more stressed your pipes are, the greater the potential for plumbing leaks. It may be small drips that are an annoyance and waste water — or it may be a major water supply line rupture that pours hundreds of gallons of water into your home and inflicts costly damage. Remember that your pipes are always under pressure: the municipal water supply enters household plumbing at 40 to 65 psi. Here are some ways to reduce the stress that causes plumbing leaks and avoid costly repairs and/or damage.

Check The Pressure

Household water pressure shouldn’t exceed 65 psi. But it can (and does) happen. If the pressure regulator valve, usually located where the main supply line enters the house or at the meter, has been misadjusted or is defective, pressure throughout your entire system may be over-stressing pipes. Have a qualified plumber check the pressure and troubleshoot it if it’s high.

Don’t Ignore Water Hammer

It’s the knocking sound that may occur when a tap is rapidly opened or closed somewhere in the house or the fill valve in a clothes washer or dishwasher actuates. A shock wave reverberates through the plumbing system, causing pipes to shake hard enough to deteriorate joints and cause real damage. A plumber can diagnose the symptom and take action such as securing loosened pipes and installing water hammer arrestors.

Address Small Leaks Promptly

No plumbing leaks are normal or acceptable, period. Even tiny pinholes may be a red flag for severe internal pipe corrosion that cause pipe rupture and severe water damage at any time. Seepage or dampness around pipe joints is another warning sign that shouldn’t be ignored. Small leaks also create an ongoing environment for the growth of toxic mold as well as rotting wooden structure. Call a plumber about any sign of water loss from pipes.

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