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Prepare Your Office Building for the Fall and Winter Months

The changing of the seasons from summer to fall is a sign that cooler weather is on the way. It should also be a signal that it’s time to prepare your office building for the drops in temperature, shifts in usage patterns, and changes in maintenance needs that will occur during fall and winter. By using some of the following tips and techniques, you can prepare your office building for the year’s later seasons and ensure a safe, secure, and comfortable working space during the colder months.

Basic Considerations When You Prepare Your Office Building

As you make plans to prepare your office building for fall and winter, keep these basic factors in mind.

  • Do I own or lease my building? Responsibility for seasonal maintenance and preparation will depend on whether your own or lease your building. If you own the structure, you will be responsible. If you lease or rent, your landlord should be the one to take care of seasonal preparations.
  • Who will pay for the preparations? Getting your office building ready for fall and winter will require a financial investment in equipment, materials, and services. If you own your building, you will of course be responsible for this expense yourself. If you lease your office space, your landlord should be the one who pays for maintenance and preparation.
  • Who will do the building preparations? A large facility may have a maintenance staff that will take care of the work. In other situations, you or your landlord may choose to hire an outside facilities maintenance company to do the preparations. This is a good idea if your office building doesn’t have, or need, a full-time maintenance staff. Talk to your local trusted HVAC services company for recommendations, or to see if your usual HVAC contractor also offers seasonal preparation services.

What to do to Prepare Your Office Building for Fall and Winter Here are some of the tasks that should be performed to ensure your office building is ready for fall and winter.

  • Perform heating system preventive maintenance: Perhaps the most important seasonal preparation task is having a preventive maintenance tune-up performed on your heating system. Fall is a very good time to have this done since your HVAC professional will not be as busy as he’s likely to be during the winter months. Service contracts may also kick in during this time, with your HVAC company contacting you to make arrangements for a maintenance visit. Furnaces and boilers should be inspected, repairs and adjustments should be made, and air filters should be changed.
  • Clean the roof and gutters: Check the roof and gutters of your office building to make sure they are clean and clear of leaves, sticks, and other debris that could impede drainage. Blocked gutters or other factors that prevent rain and melting snow or ice from leaving your roof could cause water to leak into your building.
  • Clean and maintain the yard and outside areas: Clear leaves, sticks, tree branches, and other material from the yard, walkways, and common areas of your building’s exterior. This will not only make your facility look better, it will also improve overall safety and give you a head start when spring comes around again. Check lawn irrigation systems, sprinkler heads, and related equipment.
  • Winterize the structure: Find and seal air leaks that could let warm air escape your building or allow cold air to get in. This can include caulking around doors and windows, applying weatherstripping, or installing storm doors and windows. Check insulation levels in the walls and ceilings to ensure there is enough insulation to keep your indoor spaces warm.

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