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Prepare For Any Emergency With A Generator — But Which Kind?

Anyone who has been through a power blackout, especially during winter, will understand the importance of having a backup power system. With practically all home systems dependent on the steady supply of electricity, any disruption is sure to mean a lot of stress and discomfort, in addition to the inconvenience. If heat is lost during a cold period, pipes can burst and add to the expense of recovery.

This being the case, many homeowners have purchased one of the two basic types of home generators, portable or standby.

Benefits of Portable generators

  • As its name suggests, this kind of generator is very portable, and can be easily moved and setup anywhere it is needed. In an emergency, this might be crucial.
  • Its generally small size also helps in this regard and keeps it manageable for one person.
  • Another benefit is that it runs on readily available gasoline from any filling station or the same kind of propane tanks that would be used to power a barbecue unit.
  • They are the most inexpensive way of powering your home during a power outage, and by running common extension cords into a house, can easily power up needed appliances as long as their fuel supply holds out. Benefits of Standby generators
  • Once a standby generator is installed, it is always ready to go, and when main power shuts down in a storm, a switch will kick the standby generator into operation without any intervention.
  • This kind of generator is run on natural gas, and is permanently connected to household gas lines, so the transfer of power source can be done automatically.
  • Since its fuel source is constant, the standby generator will not run out of fuel, and does not require re-supply from a store or other external source.
  • Some standby generators are large enough to power your entire home during an emergency, as opposed to powering only critical systems.

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