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Plungers, Augers, and Snakes: Just a Few of the Tools in a Plumber’s Toolbox


A professional plumber arrives with an array of tools that prepare him for whatever the job demands. This can range from new technology like micro-video cameras, specialized leak detection equipment and high-pressure hydro-jets. Other tools, however, are more basic implements of the art. In trained, experienced hands, these tools can handle many issues quickly and efficiently. Here’s how these common items in a plumber’s toolbox play a role in resolving your plumbing problems:


Both do-it-yourselfers and pros make use of a plunger. It can be used on sinks and bathtub drains. Special models are also utilized on toilets. Make sure there’s enough water in the sink to form an effective seal around the plunger and the drain opening. Plunge downward then pull back up sharply. The goal is to use the up-stroke motion to induce suction and dislodge the obstruction.

Hand Auger

Most augers are about 25 feet of round spring steel. Rotated by a handle at on end, an auger winds deep into a pipe, breaking up clogs. Augers look simple but can be problematic for people unfamiliar with proper use. Sharp 90-degree bends in the pipe often seem like dead ends to inexperienced users who can’t get the augur past that point. Occasionally, DIYers will also get an augur stuck in a drain pipe, as well, requiring a professional plumber to remove it.

Motorized Snakes

These heavier-duty augurs utilize an electric motor to rotate the thicker spring steel cable. They’re typically used by professionals on larger main drain pipes versus small sink drains. While these units are often available to homeowners at consumer rental centers, the size of the steel cable and the powerful motor driving it can be inappropriate for some drains and/ and may irreparably damage plumbing. Consider getting a professional opinion before using a heavy-duty motorized snake.

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