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Plumbing Tips for New Homeowners — What to Look For

When you buy a new home you’ve likely had an inspection on the house before purchasing. However, things can change in the time between the inspection and you taking possession of the house, especially if the property wasn’t occupied while you were in escrow. That’s why checking out your home’s plumbing to make sure it’s in good shape is something you should do soon after you move in. Use these plumbing tips for new homeowners to guarantee that your plumbing is in ideal shape so you don’t have any problems or experience damage to your new home.

  • Look for signs of water damage around your toilet fixtures. The most common signs of water damage are visible ones like stained flooring, white spots from minerals in the water or rolled vinyl or linoleum. You should also check for a soft floor by standing over the toilet and rocking back and forth. Soft flooring in this area is a sign of leaking water.
  • Use a flashlight to help you look in cabinets under sinks in your bathrooms, in the kitchen and in the basement or garage. You should also feel around for soft spots if you have wood or other porous materials that could tip you off to a leak.
  • Check the date on your water heater. Any water heater that is more than 15 years old could be costing you too much money to use on a regular basis and is a good candidate for a potential replacement. Take a few minutes to also inspect your water heater for rust and visible signs of damage.
  • Push the tiles or wall around your bathtub and shower fixture to check for loose areas or soft spots. This is typically a sign of internal leaks that needs to be taken care of by a professional plumber as soon as possible.

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