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Plumbing Sounds & Smells That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

When the plumbing in your home works like it’s supposed to, you probably don’t even notice how much you’re using it every day. But once odd sounds or strong smells start to infiltrate your living spaces, you should take notice in a big way and have your trusted plumber ready to resolve the problem.

Plumbing Noises That Need to Be Addressed Immediately

When you’re using the sink, taking a shower, or flushing the toilet, there are obvious plumbing sounds you’re used to. However, if you start hearing strange noises when you’re not actively using a plumbing fixture, pay attention, or else you might soon have bigger problems on your hands.

  • Dripping
  • Over time and with frequent use it’s not uncommon for showers, faucets, or sinks to start dripping. With dripping water fixtures, you’ll waste a significant amount of water and money. Make sure you have any dripping plumbing fixtures addressed as soon as you notice them.

  • Water Hammer Sounds
  • Water hammer is usually a large thump or a series of banging sounds that start with a large boom. Commonly this occurs when the water pressure in your pipes is higher than normal. If it’s a persistent issue, your water pressure regulator may need to be replaced by a professional, like the experts at Sobieski.

  • Running Water
  • Whether it’s your toilet that’s running or a leaky pipe, running water issues that go unaddressed will not only waste large amounts of water (and ultimately money) but may also result in water damage to your home and property.

Plumbing Smells Your Plumber Needs to Take Care Of

Strong odors from your drains or the sewer will quickly make life at home unpleasant and uncomfortable. Be sure they’re checked out as soon as they start.

  • Sewer Gas Odor
  • Any kind of gases coming from your sewer line can be dangerous. If the trap isn’t working properly, try to see if running water down the drain will help. If it doesn’t, get your plumber in right away.

  • Moldy Smells
  • Mold thrives on moisture, so if you start smelling something odd, then there may be a leak somewhere that you might not have noticed. Your plumber can help uncover the root of the issue.

  • Gas or Propane
  • Gas can put your entire family and home at risk. If you smell gas, call the gas company or a plumber immediately.

Sobieski: Your Local DE, MD, PA & NJ Plumbers

As soon as you notice any strange smells or sounds coming from your home’s plumbing, make sure you have the team at Sobieski on speed dial. Our expert plumbers will keep your home safe and provide you with peace of mind that everything is working properly.

Don’t ignore odd odors or sounds coming from your plumbing — contact us so we can take care of the problem!

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